Unsuccessful CEOs: Behaviours to Spot.

Sydney Finkelstein, the Steven Roth Professor of Management at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, published “Why Smart Executives Fail” 8 years ago.

He undertook research into 50 then high profile apparently successful companies, including names such as Enron, Tyco and Rubbermaid, to establish what happened to result in the dive to oblivion. Several common traits were identified. These were then applied to later problem companies such as Research In Motion and found to equally well apply to the executives there.

Forbes ran an article in February this year summarising the position as   The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives which offers an insight into certain characteristics in CEOs, if observed, represent significant danger signals for the health and well-being of the organisation.

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Manufacturing is a Prerequisite to a Sustainable Economy

There is a thought provoking article in the Financial Times, June 11th, on the future of manufacturing. The url is:


There are 7 ingredients seen as important in establishing a strongly viable approach in high labour cost countries. These are:

  1. Cluster Dynamics (sharing technical understanding across companies and within the supply chain)
  2. Niche Thinking (recognising that ’boutique’ suppliers with specific know-how and technology will play a greater part)
  3. Industrial Democracy (more choice of country to base in – the differentiator is going to be how a nation meets the need)
  4. Personalised Production (making very short runs, bespoke to the individual client, yet being highly efficient)
  5. Networked Manufacturing (using the supply chain’s knowledge base more effectively, spotting trends and controlling cost)
  6.  Environmental Pressures (adapting to the approach holistically – marketing, product and technical development)
  7. Technological Acceleration (developing new technologies and adapting them from other sectors or markets)

This represents just the kind of change that interim professionals are there to help organisations transform to successfully.


CNN Feature Interim Executives

A recent article was produced for CNN by international journalist Stina Backer, entitled “Time to Jump Off the Career Ladder: Become a ‘Super Temp’.

The article is a part of CNN’s ‘Route to the Top’ series and can be found at:


The article features Jody Miller of Business Talent Group (BTG: www.businesstalentgroup.com), based in the USA, and Tony Evans, interim executive based in the UK and a Director of the Institute of Interim Management (www.iim.org.uk).

The article points to the benefits of using senior interim talent to client organisations, essentially engaging highly experienced and productive executives on an interim basis to take the organisation through a difficult period of change.

Time to jump off the career ladder



Can We Grow Our Way Out of the Current Economic Condition?

Vast amounts have been said and written about the world (at least the ‘west’s’) current economic demise, with passionate debate from politicians, economists, journalists and pretty much everyone else. Opinions abound. In January 2010, Mckinsey Global Institute actually produced a paper that analysed 45 episodes of economy de-leveraging since the Great Depression, 32 of which followed a financial crisis. The article is attached at the end for convenience, with acknowledgement to MGI and the authors: Charles Roxborough, Susan Lund, Tony Wimmer, Eric Arnar, Charles Atkins,Ju-Hon Kwek, Richard Dobbs and James Manyika. The url is:



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