Best Performers are 4x ‘Better’ Than the Average – Really?


This assertion is made by Michael Mankins (Bain & Co. Organisation practice head for the Americas) on the basis of his company’s research, comparing personal productivity, particularly in the sales arena.

His blog on the Harvard Business Review website ( May 8th 2014) describing this position offers 3 things to take care about in order to make sure that your organisation maintains and develops sufficient high performers to deliver the best results.


These are:

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Strategic Planning: Why Bother?

In a world with ever-increasing demands on personal time, it is hard bringing senior management together in a productive space. As for giving the “team” the space for considered, or even innovative thought and challenge……

By the time you get a strategy document prepared, something else significant has changed that has a material impact on the thinking. If you couple this with the detailed work developing the Annual Operating Plan (or budget); just what is the point?

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric represents a highly visible example of a charismatic CEO but he ensured operational performance targets were set and met. Part of his success was that he had the company own and work to both a strategy and its implementation. The latter owed everything to the former. No former; no foundation on which to build the latter.

Here are Jack Welch’s six rules for strategic planning:

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