Fidelis In Parvo: Faithfulness in Small Things

The Latin phrase is associated with the Christian teaching where Christ describes how those who show skill, care and attention in how they treat small things, or use small amounts of resource effectively, will be given responsibility for much more in God’s service.Small Investment

It makes a good school motto and reflects the attitude of mind and visible culture of the Mount School York where our daughters attended in the 90s and 00s! It is a Quaker ethos girls school, founded in 1785 and the motto fits very well with what happened there and how things were done. There was a quiet expectation that everyone would do their best. People visibly cared for one another and were concerned to take that attitude of mind to areas of (international) society in need.

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How To Measure 65 years of Progress?

This 2 minute 9 second video is a serious challenge to any organisation to re-think how it does things to achieve its overall objectives. It requires rule changes, technology development, skills enhancement, teamwork, creativity, discipline, planning and organisation, funding and long term commitment.

In manufacturing, the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) concept relies on a very similar approach but it isn’t as eye-catching!

As a personal task having watched the video, write a list of at least 3 areas of your organisation where this approach could be brought to bear. Go on. Scare yourself!


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