A Brief History of our Company

The Name

The company was named as it is for three reasons:

1. In Greek and Roman mythology, there are many tales of the Graces or “Charities”. They have been identified as the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome and are often three in number. Their names are Euphrosyne, Thalia and Aglaea and represent the incarnation of grace, joyfulness, beauty, creativity, fertility, fruitfulness and harvest.

2. The company owners have three daughters. They are examples of grace, creativity and intellect. They have each attended university in the UK; Bath, Cambridge and Durham.

3. The owners like the Christian concept of grace: forgiveness freely given, which is seen as central to enabling people to flourish in difficult circumstances (“seeking forgiveness is better than asking permission”).

The Company

The 3 Graces was registered as a limited company in 1996, after earlier interim work in the FMCG industry had confirmed the need for the expertise. Operation through a limited company was, and remains today, the most generally appropriate vehicle for interim management service delivery.

Built on a successful career of international, board level, profit responsible activity, assignments have varied in length from 2 to 22 months, both in the UK and abroad

Clients have come from a range of industries, including investment banking, logistics, electronics, capital goods, FMCG, tyre manufacturing, transportation, retail services, security, steel processing, plastics and power cable production.

The scale and complexity of organisations lead, has included multi site international operations with sales values of $300m and with fixed assets of over $0.5bn. Experience includes the challenges of an Eastern European business rescue, re-structuring and sale, an international joint venture group turnaround and being asked to bring a UK based group into a ‘soft landing’ administration.

The 3 Graces’s principal, Tony Evans, is a full member of the industry’s professional body, the Institute of Interim Management. He became a board member of the IIM in 2002 and continues in this role today. He was elected Chairman from 2005 to 2008. In 2011, he was elected a Companion of the IIM for services to the Institute.

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