Does Judgement Trump Experience?

When we engage people to deliver for the organisation, what is it that we are looking for from them?

Using the dictionary definitions of a few criteria, where does this lead us?

(Pocket Oxford Dictionary)

Information:             something told; knowledge. Items of knowledge: news.

Knowledge:              person’s range of information. Understanding of a subject.

Experience:              observation of, or practical acquaintance with facts or events.

Knowledge or skill resulting from this. Event or activity participated

in or observed.

Understanding:      ability to understand or think: intelligence. Person’s perception of a situation. Etc

Judgement:             critical faculty; discernment. Good sense. Opinion or estimate.

Wisdom:                  experience & knowledge together with the power of applying them. Prudence: common sense.


The title given to the subject matter provokes the image of playing a card game such as Whist or Bridge, when the subject matter might benefit more from comparison with cookery or any form of organic chemistry.

I offer the view that the leadership ‘skill’ that is truly prized is that of wisdom. This is the recipe of knowledge and experience, mixed together with the raising agent of understanding and cooked under well judged temperature and time, producing a great cake. People will do a lot for a piece of well made cake!


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