ILM 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring Recognition

It was with great pleasure that we received formal notification that Tony had achieved his formal executive coaching and mentoring level 7 qualification.

This was undertaken through the good offices of the  RTC Leadership and Coaching course, externally certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management  where Tony is a member.

RTC is part of the InTouch Network where Tony is also a member and today, the success was recorded on their LinkedIn profile





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Technology Disruption: Are FAANGs Not What They Used To Be?

The world economy (and consumers of all descriptions) has benefitted from ‘sunrise’ industries for well over 50 years. This article takes a few examples from the past and offers a potential comparison with the present. It also asks some pertinent questions about the thinking that boards need to undertake to ensure the continued long term relevance of their organisations.

Image by Maria Stichert at Pixabay.

“Plus ca change, plus la meme chose”

Disruptive Technology Article



In Touch Networks Highlight Tony’s Journey with Them

As part of the regular In Touch Network blog on member success stories, they have featured Tony with the attached article. This recognises his interaction with the network and his successful entry into the independent director community.

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The Use of Interim Practitioners in the SME Market

This week saw the IIM present a webinar as part of the NEC’s Festival of Enterprise series, focusing on the benefits of using professional interims within the SME community.

Webinar replay is available here









“With 60-70% of all SMEs being clustered in the most hard-hit economic sectors as a result of the current lockdown, positioning what is, perhaps, the most powerful management tool available is crucial at this time” says IIM Co-chair, Tony Evans.

“The Institute wants to encourage the whole SME community to think about the accessibility of the skill and expertise vested in senior interim practitioners. Everyone recognises the potential of AI – artificial intelligence but the ‘warm blooded’ version, MI – management intelligence is here already and available.”

The presentation deck is available from me should you wish a copy.



A Guide to Collaborative Leadership

TED Talks very often carry great nuggets of wisdom (NoWs).

The NoW here (Lorna Davis) is about sharing the personal experience of learning the benefits of creating the right environment for an engaged workforce.

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