How to “Incentivise” People to Achieve Transformative Change.

The traditional way we try to encourage people to achieve a desired goal usually rests on financial reward. This is contrary to scientific research – a lot of it.

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Achieving True Transformative Change: What Leaders Need to Get right.

It is worth identifying what is meant by a transformative change.

This refers to an all-encompassing change, including all functions, sites and geographies contributing to the profit centre identified. This may be the whole company, a self-sufficient division or an advanced partnership situation (JV or partnerships along the value-added chain for example). It is designed to enhance organisational performance and promote a healthy culture.


“What gets measured, gets managed”. An oft-used Peter Drucker quote. Turning the telescope around, we can observe that what goes unmeasured, or measured superficially runs a very high risk of being mis-managed, under-managed or even ignored.


This applies in all areas of business, possibly most areas of human endeavour, and definitely when undertaking organisational transformation.

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Logistics Sector: Key Areas of Innovation

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The supply chain and logistics sectors are experiencing large disruptive technology changes. As part of this, the traditional operating models are being increasingly challenged: focus is much more on value creation rather than labour costs as a primary ‘driver’!

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An American Eyes’ View of Brexit

Interim Management Helps Businesses Plan for Brexit Uncertainty

Tony Evans (interim CEO and RED Team member with the AIE) features in the article pointing to the political and commercial interactions that need resolution.
Interim Management Helps Businesses Plan for Brexit Uncertainty
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How to get to ‘Good Enough’ and Avoid Perfectionism Getting in the Way

This is a TED video that lasts 15 minutes. It is an eloquent description of how trying to achieve the perfect outcome in anything cause problems and gets in the way of ‘Good Enough’! We might remember Voltaire’s quote on the perfect getting in the way of the good and we should recall that what counts is creating something that is ‘fit for purpose’.

Enjoy the video here

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Is your corporate culture ‘fit for purpose’?
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