Buying into Change: How to Become Aligned and Agile

When looking at undertaking a major change in any organisation, how the organisation transforms and the level of success achieved depends upon what the people – all the people – are prepared to give up to allow the new approach to become embedded.

Figure: Drivers of Organisational Change Ability (after Coombe 2014 – Change Agility; Readiness for Strategy Implementation.

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Delville Management Interviews Co-Chairman of Institute of Interim Management

In Delville Management’s October ’18 newsletter, the company has interviewed the Co-chair of the IIM, Tony Evans, who talks about some of the highlights of his professional international career as an executive interim.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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How ATMs Become Jackpot Giving Slot Machines.

In 2011, Barnaby Jack (director of IOActve) demonstrated via an MIT Technology video here how it was possible to hijack an ATM, locally or remotely, so that cash could be extracted from it.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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How Long is it Healthy for a Leader to Stay in Place?

The China Daily presented the move currently underway to extend the time the Chinese leader can stay in post as being “necessitated by the need to perfect the party and the state leadership system”.

History shows us that most leaders, and especially political and business ones, have a certain ‘shelf life’.

Interim leaders rarely suffer from this problem because their remit is defined. It regularly changes the organisation they are operating in, which means someone with a different skill-set will carry on after they have completed their contribution.

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How to Get to World Class and Stay There

In order for an organisation to steer a deliberate and defined course, it needs to have a coherent strategy, with a well understood and resourced implementation plan. All this needs to be consistent with the way we do things round here – the corporate culture. The Mars organisation: built on and living by its culture.

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