The USA, North Korea and China: WWI Re-visited?

Is it just me or is this all starting to take on a similar pattern of woes to that set in motion prior to the outbreak of World War I?

On September 13th, Reuters reported on the situation after the latest nuclear test undertaken by North Korea. Well down in the article was the following quote?

“U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also warned China, North Korea’s main ally and trading partner, that Washington would “put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the U.S. and international dollar system” if it did not follow through on the new measures.

Another senior administration official told Reuters that any such “secondary sanctions” on Chinese banks and other companies were on hold for now to give Beijing time to show it was prepared to fully enforce the latest and previous rounds of sanctions.”

North Korea effectively has a nuclear deterrent now – with ballistic delivery system in all but final form. The USA says this is unacceptable. China says the same thing but the route to removing the problem is very different for the two powers. North Korea will not stop so close to the finish line and no one seems inclined to ‘help’ them do so at this point. No one outside of DPRK wants the nuclear threat to exits from there.

Other powers in the region such as South Korea and Japan are singularly unhappy about how things are going – who wouldn’t be?

China sees itself as the rising world power and culturally cannot lose face. The USA has a President who doesn’t do ‘taking a step back’ very often but does do some amazing verbal acrobatics that can be downright inflammatory.

Net result? All we need now is an assassination……….

Pray with as much conviction as you can muster!


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